Compact Beard Brush the perfect companion for on the go


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  • for bearded men in need of effective and professional facial hair care that is handy at the same time
  • handle is made of beech wood and is much thicker (20mm) than typically to suit a man’s hand
  • specially selected boar bristles fixed directly in a wooden handle
  • medium first-cut bristles to ensure that beard can be evenly brushed and cleaned and that all bristles have the same stiffness
  • with no cushion, the bristles in this beard brush are softer than in a typical one
  • thanks to its compact size, it’s perfect for travelling
  • ideal for both short and long hair
  • works best when used after washing your beard with the Beard Soap

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Dimensions: length: 9cm, width: 5 cm
The colour of the wooden handle may be slightly different from the one in the photo.

How to take care of your Beard Brush

You can rinse it in running water, using some soap when it’s very dirty. Remember not to leave it in the water for too long so that the wood does not absorb too much of it. The wood is impregnated though, so you won’t damage the handle or the natural bristles. Don’t use chemical cleaning agents on your brush apart from normal soap.


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