Black Chaga Line

Powerful facial and beard care

Black Chaga is a legacy ingredient that can be found in the norther hemisphere. The mushroom grows on the birch trees and resembles dark dirt clumps. However, don’t get tricked by the looks –  this mushroom is a powerful plant that is being used for various health benefits for decades. As a result, it is known to be used as an ingredient in medical and skincare products to strengthen the immune system, fight skin and body inflammation and replenish dry and tired skin. 

The ingredient can be found in our signature beard oil, aftershave balm, and anti-inflammatory body and face creams. The product line is made with care for those who care about their skin and hair health. Also, the product size and packaging are travel friendly and comfortable to bring with on any adventure. Enjoy smoother, intensively moisturized skin and beard with our Black Chaga line.

Why you should add products these products to your skincare routine?

  • Helps fight dry skin
  • Inflammation and irritation
  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin leaving to skin congestions
  • Natural antioxidant qualities
  • Removes excessive oils from your skin
  • Helps the skin regeneration process
  • Reduces fine lines and promotes skin elasticity
  • Flawlessly moisturizes beard hair

Vitamins and minerals that can be found in Black Chaga

Products with Black Chaga

There's a story behind our product


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