Black but pure

You must have been through this many times before. When you were sleeping in a tent, at a festival, while sailing or traveling into the unknown. Having a good time with friends or even occasionally testing one’s willpower are important elements of every adventure. Yet so is personal hygiene.

But what if it has been raining for two days and your tent is slowly drowning in mud, your rubber boots are soaking wet and a hot shower is at least three days away? After all, few people enjoy the look and smell of a frontline solider. On the other hand, if you travel with one backpack only, you probably shouldn’t overload it with too many cosmetic products.

Stalemate? Not necessarily. Charcoal may be the answer you are looking for. Yes, the same black and messy stuff you use for your barbecue back home. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to take a whole bag of charcoal bricks with you to rub it in by the campfire. All you really need is the compact and smart multipurpose ZEW for men stick soap. Its special 3 in 1 formula makes it suitable for the body, face and hair.

The ZEW for men collection is based on 100% natural charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains. Charcoal is the products’ active ingredient known for its powerful cleansing and refreshing properties. Although simple and rough, it gets the job done, even in the most extreme conditions. Now you can feel fresh while traveling into the unknown without overburdening your backpack. ZEW for men 3 in 1 soap fits perfectly into a pocket, taking even less space than any deodorant.

We all know how important it is to be close to nature, eager to discover new places and overcome our limitations. On the other hand, we also value simple, convenient and efficient solutions. ZEW for men 3 in 1 soap is also perfectly suitable for indoor use. Easy to apply and available in clever packaging, the product will be appreciated by sportsmen, as well as those who prefer having their bags light and bathroom shelves tidy. The ZEW for men 3 in 1 soap stick is definitely a smart product – both easy to use and effective.

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