Meet Batman, our expert from the “Towarzystwo” team, working with ZEW FOR MEN products! He’ll be sharing the top tips of men’s skin and beard care cosmetics! Male care is not only about regular visits to barber salons. It’s about establishing a self-care routine, waking up your inner barber with the help of our products and professional resources! Find out how you can take care of yourself at home, as well as on a men’s expedition! Check out our training series, during which Batman will give you the most important information concerning skin care for men


Our advice: daily care begins with good nutrition and hydration of skin and hair. Classic oil is the best patent for a well-groomed, soft beard. It is a must-have for every bearded man. Natural oils moisturize and nourish the beard. Softening the beard doesn’t require barbers’ skill, thanks to easy to use applicator. Batman recommends it for daily use. With the oil, your beard will become smooth and frizz-free!

Nourishing Beard Oil


Doing your hair is as much a part of your daily routine, as brushing your teeth! You have a whole day ahead of you and you fear that the hair pomade will not live up to the expectation? Trust the professionals and check out how Batman styles his hair by using the ZEW for men hair pomade with active charcoal. ZEW FOR MEN pomade with a delicate, masculine scent will deal with any type of hair. You will create a hairstyle without the feeling of stickiness or unruliness. In addition, the natural ingredients of the paste will properly moisturize and nourish your hair. How to use it? It’s easy! Check out what our expert Batman advises!

Charcoal Pomade


Did you think shaving ends with rinsing foam off your face Batman advises – always use the aftershave balm. The truth is, nourishing is key, especially just after shaving.

After Shave Balm


In everyday life, it easy to forget about face and body care. Our professional has a solution! Facial and body remedies are an absolute must in men’s routine. Using our products you can be sure to have properly hydrated healthy skin appearance. The face and body cream is perfect for all seasons, and any skin type.

Body and Face Cream

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