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Where we come from

We know that when traveling, the backpack weight matters – that’s why during one of the mountain trail hikes in the Bieszczady Mountains, we noticed that a typical shower gel or a shampoo bottle just doesn’t work for us. Thus, we decided to create our soap bars and shampoos to be the ultimate companion for our adventure.

Values: nature and sustainability

Our true inspiration is nature. Because it is from nature that we derive the most powerful active ingredients such as charcoal, black Chaga, and hemp. Caring for the planet and wild nature is a top priority for us, so we eliminate unnecessary waste and create products in the spirit of zero waste. Evidence? We sell soaps packed in cartons; our durable razors and brushes will serve you for years. We promote quality over quantity and simplicity over-exaggeration.

ZEW for men stands for:

  • Practical solutions inspired by traveling
  • Quality and simplicity over exaggeration
  • Preservation of nature
  • Sustainability as a driver of innovation
  • Men’s health & positive personal development
  • An active lifestyle and adventurers spirit

Meet ZEW for men product lines

We are proud to be a multifaceted grooming and skincare brand. When developing new products or improving our existing formulas ZEW for men keeps your lifestyle, needs, and the environment in mind. Discover the ZEW spirit embodied by our product lines.

Always active - Charcoal

The main ingredient in the Black Charcoal collection is activated carbon. It is a natural active element. It is found in hair, face, body, beard and shavings soaps, beard lotion, and our top-selling hair pomade. We decided to celebrate Charcoal because it’s an ingredient full of antioxidizing qualities that help you feel fresh and deeply cleansed. Thanks to its properties, it absorbs pollution and damage caused by rough environments. By creating a protective barrier on the epidermis, it supports skin regeneration and a healthy skin texture. 

Always natural - Black Chaga

Black Chaga is a legacy ingredient that can be found in the northern hemisphere. It’s a mushroom – but don’t get tricked by the looks –  this is a powerful plant used for various health benefits for decades. It’s known as an ingredient in medical and skincare products to strengthen the immune system, fight skin and body inflammation and replenish dry and tired skin. 

The ingredient can be found in our aftershave balm and anti-inflammatory body and face creams. The product line is made with care for those who care about their skin and hair health. Enjoy smoother, intensively moisturized skin and beard with our always natural Black Chaga line.

Always positive - Hemp

Hemp is a nutritional bomb! It’s a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and amino acids. Because of potent nutrients, hemp oil helps regenerate a very dry and damaged beard, prompt the restructuring of damaged skin cells, and help combat the effects of aging.


The product line is for those who suffer from dehydrated, oily, aging, and patchy skin. All of the micros hemp oil helps calm the skin and is safe to use for people who suffer from skin allergies such as acne. It also contains active substances with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-oxidant, and sun-protective properties.

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ZEW for men

Line with Black Charcoal​

our favorite natural active ingredient can be found in: hair soap, soap for face and body, shaving soap, beard soap, 3in1 soap for face, body and hair, beard lotion, hair pomade, toothpaste and toothbrush hair. Charcoal has a cleansing and refreshing effect. Thanks to its properties, it absorbs pollutants from the environment, and while creating a protective barrier for the skin, charcoal supports skin’s regeneration.

ZEW for men

Line with Black Chaga​

another powerful natural active ingredient, also known as the ‘diamond of the forest’, can be found in: beard oil, after shave balm, and body and face cream. It has a strong healing and cleansing effect. Intensively moisturizing the skin, black chaga visibly smoothens and protects against external factors. Due to its properties and the natural origin in secluded forests, it is an exceptionally valued and rare active ingredient.

The Team

We are a diverse and international team of professionals who specialize in various fields. At the same time, we share the same fundamental values and principles – dedication to quality and simplicity, love for nature and passion for adventure.

Inquiries & Press
+48 226 516 814

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