ZEW for Movember – November sporting a moustache

ZEW cosmetics were created to help men in their daily care while inspiring them to find strength in nature and follow their own paths. We are happy to know that thanks to us men can do more for themselves, for their hygiene and appearance.

However, we believe that caring about oneself doesn’t end with trying to look good. Above all, it’s about taking responsibility for our health.

Which is why in November 2017 ZEW for men joins the worldwide campaign for testicular cancer and prostate cancer prevention. We’ve become a partner of the Movember Polska campaign to support Światełko Captain’s Foundation and other partners of the campaign in spreading awareness on how important it is for men to have regular check-ups and take care of their health. The symbol of the campaign is a moustache, grown by men worldwide in November. Hence the name “Movember”.

Do you take care of yourself?
Then have a check-up!

The age of men with testicular cancer is mainly 14 to 34; for prostate cancer, it’s more than 45. Although most Polish men die of cancer, it is still a taboo topic, especially when it attacks genitalia. Yet, an early-diagnosed cancer can be cured. However, modern medicine innovations, technological advancements and imaging are of no use without knowledge on early cancer diagnostics. Selfexamination and regular visits to the doctor are key steps men usually fail to take. Though 79% believe in the effectiveness of preventive care, few of them really practice it. And in fact, men younger than 40 should self-examine and those older than 45 should check their PSA at least once in a year.

In November, all men can benefit from a free examination. To find out where and when, visit Movember website. Don’t wait, look for your nearest facility.

Whether you choose to grow a moustache (great) or not (no problem if it’s not your cup of tea): see you in November at your check-up facility!

Guys, don’t give up – have a checkup instead!
ZEW for men team

Join Movember Poland
and test your testes!

This is (not) a laughing matter!

ZEW for Movember


Here’s your chance to support Movember! For the time of the campaign, that is during November, shave your beard or grow a moustache as a symbol of breaking down taboo around testicular cancer and prostate cancer. This way you will attract other men’s attention to the topic of Movember and preventive care. Why does it matter? Because early-diagnosed testicular cancer can be cured in 99%. As for prostate cancers, when they’re monitored and controlled, radical treatment can be deferred.

So, gents, it’s time to act! Grow your moustache and share details about Movember with your friends and colleagues in social media! And while you’re at it, join our contest to win ZEW for men cosmetics sets.

How do I take part?

  • Like ZEW for men Facebook or Instagram profile
  • Post a photo of yourself sporting a moustache on your Facebook or Instagram profile along with details about Movember and preventive care for testicular cancer and prostate cancer
  • add #ZEWforMovember and a @zewformen tag
  • Win ZEW for men Bearded Man set  or ZEW for men Barber set


Start date: 2 November
End date: 30 November

Only for residents of Poland.