ZEW for men - Shaving Soap

ZEW for men

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This set includes:

We are seeing the return of the old-school, that is stylish and quite forgotten shaving techniques. Instead of waiting for a visit at a barbershop, you can arrange your own men’s grooming salon. The ZEW for men Wet Shaving Set includes the ZEW for men Shaving Soap, a razor, and a shaving bowl created by MÜHLE, a German manufacturer of luxury shaving accessories. All can be mounted on an elegant stand to make your daily shaving easier and help you keep your bathroom in order.

The Razor is perfectly balanced and its blade cartridge allows you to set a special blade angle for more powerful shaving. The razor’s handle is made from thermally impregnated ash wood combined with a chrome base.

The Shaving Brush has high-quality Pure Badger hair. Its handle is made from thermally impregnated ash wood combined with a chrome base.

The Stand specially designed for the WET SHAVIG SET will hold your brush, shaver, and shaving bowl comfortably and securely. Made from thermally impregnated ash wood.

The Shaving Soap is a natural soap with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains for effective and comfortable shaving routine. Charcoal has detoxing, purifying, and bactericidal properties.

What you need to know

Due to the content of natural ingredients, the soaps may change color when exposed to sunlight. To protect their original color, it is advised to keep them out of direct sunlight.
 All ZEW for men products have cosmetic product safety reports conducted by a safety assessor in compliance with relevant legal requirements (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009).