Shaving Brush

  • a handy accessory for traditional wet shaving
  • made of high quality natural badger hair characterized by soft, elastic bristles, guaranteeing a comfortable and pleasant shave
  • brush head with a diameter of 21 mm provides a massage of the skin during the treatment of facial hair, and the compact, elastic bristles facilitate the production of foam
  • handle made of thermally impregnated ash wood, combined with a chromed base
  • producer: MÜHLE for ZEW for men

How to use: Rinse the face with warm water. Soak the brush in hot water. Shake soap in a bowl using circular movements. Continue the operation until foam forms on the brush. For about two minutes, slowly brush the soap foam, rubbing facial hair and facial skin. Then repeat the operation. We recommend using together with ZEW for men shaving soap and ZEW for men razor.