We are fascinated by nature’s might and the elements: determined waterfalls, ambitious trees, steady mountains and tenacious rivers. That is why we created ZEW for men, natural body soaps with charcoal from the Bieszczady mountains. The charcoal comes from pristine forests which house the last retort kilns in the Bieszczady mountains. The tradition is over 50 years old. Our black soaps are manufactured in Poland from natural ingredients only.



3 in 1 soap

For face, body and hair

ZEW for men - 3 in 1 Soap

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Beard soap

For a radically cleansed beard

Mydło do brody

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Shaving soap

For effective and comfortable shaving

Mydło do golenia

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Body and face soap

Cleanses, refreshes, moisturizes

Mydło do twarzy i ciała

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Hair soap

Cleanses and refreshes

Mydło do włosów

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